Fashion Resume

A representation of some of my fashion experiences.

Main Fashion Organizations

  • CEO and Co-Founder of Ferosh | A Visual Art and Fashion Experience

    Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience, is a digital publication that explores real life fashion trends through the medium of Second Life®. We are a collaborative group of some of the best stylists, models, photographers, designers, artists and bloggers that are passionate about both photography and fashion. Ferosh is designed to inspire and challenge your imagination. Here is where art meets fashion, priding ourselves on our uniqueness, the individuality of each of our artists, and on our ability to dream. Ferosh was founded January 1st, 2014 by a core group of creative spirits. After a year worth of dreaming, we started to birth our big idea. We all have been working quietly and enthusiastically for this moment! In our eyes, everyone is Ferosh. So, come join us!

  • SoliDea FoliEs | Store Manager

    Haute Couture dreams come true at Solidea Folies. CEO and Designer Mila Tatham has been creating dreams in Second Life® for many years. I am so happy to work with her as we create a new Salimar Shopping district, and as he continues to make her couture designs an inspiration for all of our virtual world! Come visit us!




Sinontherocks Resident

Display Name


Rez Date

February 25th, 2011

Modelling Start Date

July 11, 2011


North American

Native Language


Eye Color

Absinthe Green

Avatar Ethnicity


Hours of Operation

5:00PM SLT – 8:00PM SLT
Weekends by Appointment


Current Agencies

  • Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience
  • THEMA Magazine
  • Kabuki Boutique

Past Agencies (retired/inactive)

  • Modavia Fashion Marketing
  • KMADD Agency
  • Versus Modeling Agency
  • iNovare Models
  • TREMPE Faces
  • Outrageous Glamour
  • Asymetrique
  • Look Elite
  • RedLily Media
  • The Fashion Teller House
  • The Runway Cafe
  • Heartsdale Models
  • Allure Inc
  • BLVD Modeling Agency
  • Metaverse TV Model


Unfortunately I was not really good at keeping up with my advertisements through the years. I’ve done over a hundred ad-campaigns in Second Life® and so it’s nearly impossible for me to keep track of them all 🙁 However, I was able to document some of my very early ones which helped to kick off my SL modeling career. The rest can be found on my flickr through tons of clicks as I’ve labelled them. You just get to a point when it’s silly to count… and I’m blessed for that!

Positions Held:

Love to Decorate Magazine:

Oct 2014 – May 2015: Editor in Chief of Publication

AVENUE Magazine:

2011-2013: Marketing Executive, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Model, Stylists, Writer, Producer, Editorial Staff

(Unfortunately, I stopped record keeping after this…)
11/10/12- Redlily – sYs, 10/19/12- AVENUE: CINQUE, 9/16/12- BOSL FW – Charmed, 9/9/12 – Oglam – Molichino, 8/21/12 – IMA – Ezura SFW, 8/17/12 – Metaverse – Metamorphisis Show, 8/5/12 – Hope for Emilia Show #2 – BLVD, 7/29/12 – Chop Zuey Girl – Finals, 7/22/12 – Miss Bliss Couture – Finals, 6/24/12 – Miss Bliss Couture – PreFinals, 6/10/12 – L|E – Obscura Show, AD, 4/22/12 – Avenue Graduation: Amarello Manga, 3/31/12 – OGlam Leezu DreamWorld Show, 2/11/12 – BLVD – Valentine’s day Show, 1/29/12: OGlam iNSIDE Contest, 1/28/12 – HoH: Burlesque Show – Metaverse!, 1/27/12 – HoH: Burlesque Show, 1/25/12 – HoH: Burlesque Show, 12/30/11 – BLVD Lacroix Show, 11/13/11- MBMA Graduation Show, 11/11 – Modavia Casting Month, 10/30/11- OGlam iNSIDE Contest, 10/21/11- Bloody Doll Show – Lionskins, 10/15/11- Isle of Dee Halloween Show, 10/8/11 – OIMD Challenge #2 – Runway Cafe, 9/24/2011 – OIMD Challenge #1 – Runway Cafe, 8/21/2011 – BOSL FW – Red Light District, 8/19/2011 – BOSL FW – Super Heros, 7/24/2011 – MVW Graduation Show

(I decided after this that I wasn’t a pageant girl 🙂

7/23/12 – Chop Zuey Girl – Finalist
7/22/12 – Miss Bliss Couture – First Runner Up
7/20/12 – Chop Zuey Girl – Finalist
7/2/12 – Miss Bliss Couture – Finalist
6/12/12 – Miss Bliss Couture Prefinalist
3/12/12- Invitation for Chic Events Blogger
3/11/12 – Avenue Mix Mesh Winner!
2/20/12 – Invitatin for Bliss Couture Blogger
2/19/12 – Invitation for Avenue MixMesh blogger


Ferosh | Visual Art & Fashion




Modavia Fashion Marketing

AVENUE Magazine

TOO SEXY Magazine


iNovare Magazine

Versus Magazine





AVENUE SS’13 Fashion Week

Ferosh Fashion Weekend SS’15

Ferosh for 1LEI 2014

FEROSH SLB12 show 2015