Just say you love me just for today…

Just say you love me just for today…

say you love me

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair // The Blondie | Little Bones
Earrings // BlackGeo | XII
Scarf // Neck Warmer | Tram
Dress // Floral Print | Ison
Tights // Thigh High | Izzie’s
Boots // Leather Short Boots | Zenith
Nails // Molten Metal | Nailed It

Jax’s Style:

Jacket // Pea Coat | Sleepy Eddy
Sweater // Pea Coat Turtleneck  | Sleepy Eddy
Pants // Jumper  | Ison
Shoes // Jumper  | Ison
Scarf // Ki-Co Cozy  | K Style

<3 Jax for the landscaping.

When great minds come together

When great minds come together

I rarely participate in decorating these days due to my activities with fashion. However, I had tons of fun decorating our Ferosh conference table.







The Details:

Chairs: Conch Garden Chair by Apple Fall
Mail Basket by Fancy Decor
Chairs 2:  Canson Chair by The Loft
Glasses: Glasses w/ Case by Mudhoney
Flowers: Meadow Flowers by Apple Fall
Flowers: Lilies by The Loft
Mirrors: Upton Mirror by The Loft
Notepads: Notepads by Violetile
Coffee Mugs: by Tartessos Arts
Chests: Chinese Credenza by Apple Fall
Chairs 3: Taylor dining by The Loft
Lights: Newcombe by The Loft
Pastries: Raspberry Cake by Tres Blah
Coffee: Cooper Desk by Second Spaces
Type writer: by Floorplan
Basket: Architects desk by Hideki
Scrolls: Millinery by Apple Fall