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This is why this O’Clock issue is so special to me. Because I’ve had some SL highs and some really low lows. And it just touches my heart that somebody believes in me enough to want to do a book just about me. I had always dreamed of being on the cover of a magazine alone, however this was like… that dream x 13990438443845.

Who would have thought? So, I get it. I get why.. people feel about me the way that they do. But, I also realize that through my SL experiences, I’ve toughed up. I can take the heat. I can take how people blatantly ignore my accomplishments when I praise theirs. I am humbled and surprised by the cold nature of some personalities. And then I am blessed by the warmth of others.

I am so honored and happy to be apart of O’Clock 3. Thank you to Sidney Mopp for picking me for your magazine when you had no idea who I was. You took a risk and gave me a chance and I’m so honored and thankful to you. I’m so happy to call you my friend. I’m so thankful to the people who picked me up when I was down, like Mila Tatham, and my family. Mila is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in SL, and her store and designs are simply magic. Picked me up and hugged me when I needed it. Sometimes it sucks being so strong when it feels everybody’s got a bone to pick with you. You know? When you try to tp to a shopping event but your banned, or you try to go to a store and you’re banned from there, too. It’s nice to have a sister, Kera, who can say “Well screw that place. Let’s go dance without panties!” — I’m blessed to have my people. I love.. love.. love my people.

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DRAX Files: World Changers

I wish there was a way I could make the video bigger! I’m still fiddling with the website and hopefully I can get it fixed 🙁 Until then, I’d really like to thank Drax for this opportunity ! It was a journey of personal growth as well as coming out of the closet regarding my Second Life activities… which I now realize are pretty cool 🙂

Linden Labs: Commercial Advertisement

The youtube commercial that Bernhard Drax and Torley Linden have been working on over the past month is finally published! It features me, Second Life Fashion, and Ferosh. Thank you so much to Linden Labs and Drax for allowing me to be apart of another amazing project that positively advocates the power of Second Life for creativity and friendships. I’m very honored, and excited to be apart of something like this.

Linden Labs: 2015 SVVR Conference!

I was at work when my facebook page when a little nuts and my friends were talking about how my Absi was in CEO of Linden Labs, Ebbe Altberg’s presentation. I knew I had signed a release for some photos to be used, but I figured they were for the website or some poster for the office. When I saw this I was shocked!!! I am just amazed and so … honored. I know I sound like a broken record, but there are really not words to describe the feeling of being recognized for doing what y;ou love. So, thank you to Linden Labs for caring and showing the work of your Second Life citizens.

Linden Labs: Dublin Summit VR Presentation

When I signed a release for Absinthe and my photos to be used by Linden Labs, I never ever would have thought that I was going play a small part in a presentation that is seen around the world by thousands of people. I am so humbled, thankful, and blessed to be apart of this presentation and Linden Labs in this way. Thank you !!!

RL Blog Features/ News Papers

Recently my Absinthe Doll’s photo was used to head a blog post for a real life website in Italy that talked about virtual worlds and also art. (I think, the whole thing is in Italian and I had to use google translator.) This is a paragraph about Absi —

“And ‘the case of Absinthe Montenegro, thanks to its strong features and the irregularity of the face, is among the most popular models of Second Life, but also one of the most admired photographers. We do not know if Absinthe in real life resembles physically his avatar, but its creative operation is a work of digital art. A body in pixels from the unique personality that Flickr has thousands of followers and a blog much later. If Almodovar was running a movie inworld he would choose as the protagonist.”

Wow! I am forever grateful and always humbled by the support that I’ve gotten from people in Second Life as well as in the real world regarding Absinthe and myself.

Love. Resilience. Passion. Hope. They are beautiful things. I love Absinthe so much and she’s a part of me.
Thank you for appreciating us. I mean it.

Read the article here:

Solidea Folies Feature 8/28/15

This is an amazing article that features Mila Tatham (my only boss and one of my BFFS) in Second Life®. The article is about her come-back to Second Life® fashion and the missing aspect of couture. I, for one, am a huge fan of true haute couture, and I do believe that there are very few designers in virtual fashion that do it well. I am so excited that Solidea Folies, Mila, and Salimar were featured in this article. I also think it talks about our dear friend and amazing virtual architect Colpo Wexler. <3 I’m also honored that Mila supplied the article with the artwork I’ve made for her dresses over the years of our partnership. I am so blessed and humbled to have such an amazing friend and boss in Second Life® fashion. It is a dream to work with her and for her. When I first started off in virtual fashion, I used to go to her store and look at the models… fawn over the gowns… I went to her black party in (don’t quote me on this) 2012 where Modaiva Fashion Marking hosed a party on their sim for her. I remember staring at Mila in awe. Now she’s my friend. And I am so very happy and thankful that she is one of mine. <3 THANK YOU!!! And thank you to iL Giornale for this wonderful article and gift.

Second Life® Home Page!!

Second Life® Advert for Italy

Second Life® Advert for Germany

Second Life® Advert for Portugal

I’ve never been one for contests, and especially those based off popularity or soliciting votes. To be blunt, I’m quite comfortable with my real life, my real self, and with what I do in Second Life. I do what I do because I love to do it, and not because I’m seeking validation from others. So, when these awards tumble around and I hear I’ve been nominated, I thank people and keep moving. This doesn’t mean I’m not appreciative. I am always appreciative of the nominations, of the unsolicited votes, and of the people who give me props. THANK YOU. I would like to thank all of you who do these little things to make my Second Life dreams somewhat tangible. I’m glad that there’s somebody looking while I run around without a hair base and a missing shoe. 😛

Thank you again.