About Absinthe

Dreamer | Fashionista | Creative Spirit | Machinamist | Just a Girl

I consider myself an advocate for Second Life® fashion. I love to create stylings with virtual clothing, scenes with virtual décor, and videos using a combination of both. I am proficient in adobe suite products and use a variety of them to create art depending on how I feel, what inspires me, and my family. I consider myself to be more than just a model in Second Life®, but a person who dances to the beat of her own drum, who reaches beyond the job description of runway and fashion shows, and embraces fashion as a lifestyle, and as a part of my creative happiness.

I love colors, textures, fabrics, patterns, GLITTER, and sprakles and faux fur … leather, twill, cotton. I love how it can make you a different person from one day to the next. That something as simple as a black p-coat that you’ve had for years can be worn when you’re cold or scared, and suddenly you don’t feel that way anymore.

It has power.

The power to move people emotionally or physically. The power to create motion politically and socially — to say all the things that words can’t describe, but you can tether these things into what you wear. And, it is not the price or the amount of money you spend on an item, but how you wear it that defines you. How you tailor it, and fit it, and shape it to make it a creation of your own from a pair of jeans with your favorite picky sweater, to a 10,000 ball gown bought for charity. I am no expert nor do I proclaim to be.

But,.. I know what I love.

This is something that I have a true passion for, and I am thankful to be given a second shot through Second Life® to reexplore one of my life’s dreams, and to share with so many others bits and pieces of my creativity.


    I have been a virtual blogger in Second Life® since 2011. What I love most about blogging is being able to show people my personal style, and how I feel through fashion or interior decorating.


    I started off my Second Life® fashion career as a certified model in 2011. Since then I’ve developed into more than just a model, but a connoisseur of all fashion. Occasionally I will participate in advertisement campaigns, or the occasional runway show. Please see resume.


    Ferosh a Visual Art and Fashion Experience is an organization that I founded with Kerasia Hexicola that focuses on the art and fashion of Second Life, often times combining both together to create beautiful productions and to also positively promote the fashion activities of our fashion world.


    I take pictures when I am inspired.. by music, by light, by my emotions, or by the item. I am not a photographer by force, but a girl who loves to play with her camera. I like to have fun, and see what I can create each time.


    My vidoes are 100% creative and filmed by me. I do not claim to be an awesome videographer and I’ve only filmed less than a handful of times. I’m still learning and practicing, thus I’m not taking clients. I do this purely for fun, for the creative outlet, and then for Ferosh. 🙂


    I love graphic design and I am self-taught! I am proficient in Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator, Indeisgn, After Effects, Corel Suite, and a number of other odd programs. In addition I would like to learn blender and maya autodesk — making a brave attempt. (If you’d like to teach me then please contact me!) I firmly believe in constantly learning, and growing. To never be still. Never go stagnant.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you get to know a little bit more about Absinthe and perhaps myself. I’m available for casual chats and I love to dance and go to live music events. I thank all the people who have inspired me, who influence me, who challenge me, who attempted to tell me “you can’t do that,” and to the people who have given me their love. Thank you. <3