Staying in…for Christmas

Staying in…for Christmas

Christmas 2016s1

She dangled the ball above their puppy’s head and it whimpered, whined, and jumped in attempt to get the small mass of blue.  Her fingers laced between the strings and shook the little bell attached in the holiday tune of Jingle Bells. Sometimes, it was the little things that brought her joy for the holidays this year. It had finally started to snow outside, and she swore she could feel the chill settling over the house like a blanket — each decrease in temperature made her body inch closer to his.

His body — with a chest that was rising and falling, that stretched out like a human oven offering her warmth, and scratched the small of her back in the same repetitive motions he always did. Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells.  The puppy hopped up and pulled at the ball, but she was able to wrestle it away just to taunt him with it again. And though the puppy was defeated for a moment, it rallied and used her husbands rib cage as a springing board for another assault. Yet, he was patient and kind by laughed along — a sound to accompany her jingling  Jingle Bells.

“Want to dance?” he asked. It was in a careful way that attempted to sooth her sour mood this year. It was rare for her to be smiling the way she was at that moment, however they had recently accumulated an abundance of pups.  Rocket, Dutchie, Emoji, and, Memphis, & Jumo. There are times in life when you have to hide away from the world, and stay safe inside — in bed.. for hours. Times when time needed to stand still and life just needed to be simple. Puppies were the icing on the cake.

“No,” she replied and she kept the ball dangling with a shrug that hitched her shoulder. Her smile threatened to tumble the moment her shoulder dropped, dragging along with it her fickle happiness… Jingle bells ..

And so without a word, he slipped out of bed, and fixed the radio to play a song that she couldn’t resist. A tune that would get her to move beyond the bundles of fur and energy that was bouncing around their bedroom.

You used to call me on my cell phone… late night when you need my love..

That’s how the dancing began, and the most Epic Christmas party in the history of their Christmas parties started.

Merry Christmas. Be blessed.

Christmas 2016b smallDedicated to my husband, and our plans for the most epic Christmas party, just the two of us, this winter. Thank you for loving me. 

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: X’mas lights wreath by !Ohmai
Hair: Toska by Little Bones
Sweater: Cropped cable knit by Ison (C88)
Undies: Cameron jersey briefs by Erratic
Bracelet: L’odeur de cuir by .E.T.

Jax’s Style: Coming Soon.
Set design by Jax & Absi
Pictures1: Gilded Modern by Commoner (Christmas fair 2015)
Pictures 2: Merry Christmas chalkboard by Floorplan (Christmas Fair 2015)
Screen: Card Screen by Mudhoney (Christmas event)
Nutcrackers: Solstice drum et al, by Robin Sojourner (Christmas Event)
Log pile: Hanne by What Next
Mags: Magazines by AF
Gifts 1: Lollypop by LISP
Gifts 2: Gift boxes by Boogers (Christmas Event)
Basket: Vintage laundry by Hive
Fireplace: Majestic by Tartesso arts
Blackboard: Holiday by Zen Creations
Cards: Christmas card row by Robin Sojourner
Noel Sign: By Zen Creations
Stockings: By Alouette
Poinsetta: By Tekilah Elytis
Pups: by O.M. E.N (The arcade)
Bed: Jayden by Trompe Loeil
Wreath: Guilded Modern by Commoner (Christmas Event)
Chair: Bow Parsons by PILOT (Christmas Event)
Tray: Cozy Cookie Tray by The Loft
Christmas tree by LAQ
Record player: by Tartesso arts