Absinthe’s other half…

Absinthe’s other half…

Hi 🙂

I’ve always had an alt, but I’ve rarely gotten on her. Like most alts, they lack the beloved 150K inventory that has almost everything to make the oddest of outfits pleasurable to me. But, because I am an idiot (to put it frankly and I won’t go into details), my account was put on administrative hold. The person I have been working with  at Linden Labs is COMPLETELY NICE and Linden Labs is doing their job (a great job at that!). However… I didn’t realize how badly I’d miss my Absi doll. My big nose, big eared, big eyed barbie.

So with some prompting from Mila Tatham, I got on my alt! And I dressed her up and here she is.  I think I will use her more often. It’s a bit refreshing to work with a new face and different features. Yes, I have less to work with over here, but perhaps that can be the beauty of it. I hope you appreciate her as much as my other canvas.


absi2 red

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Girl-33 by Dura
Necklace: 24-karot Gold Leaf by Tracei
Dress:Guenda dress by h.m.a.e.m
Make-up: Kooqla
Avatar: My alt <3
Pose: Slouch