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Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Sharp by Little Bones
Mask: Coven by Lagyo
Gloves: Fetish by MVD
Boots: Arabella by CandyDoll
Dress: Sheer Dress by Fray
Pose: Ricielli

You’re so Beige

You’re so Beige

Youre so beige 2a


Youre so beige3a


Youre so beige4a

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Yepa by Elua (C88)
Dress: Mini Leather dress by Milk Motion (C88)
Shoes: Jewel Saten by Miss Lowen (Kustom9)
Earrings & Necklace: Pearl Rain by Mandala
Purse: Floreta Clutch by Miss Lowen (Kustom9)
Make-up: Ricielli

Absinthe’s Second Style:
Hair: Freya by Vanity Hair
Earrings: Opaque Cabochon Drop by Tracei
Top: Cecillia by Emery (C88)
Skirt: Benson Leather by Emery (C88)
Boots: Arabella by CandyDoll
Clutch: Alimony by Epoque
Make-up: Ricielli

Machinima for Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Machinima for Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Hello everyone!

Below is a video that I created for Lyrical B!zarre Templates. It was a pleasure to make a video for her as she asked me to do it quite some time ago.  I hope you enjoy this short little video and it’s esoteric music.

The Dark Collection was released Sept 15th. Go check it out!

Find the collection

Videographer – Absinthe (sinontherocks)
Music – New Beginning, Crystal Skies
Filmed using – Second Life (
Build – Pandemonium
Set design – Lyrical Bizarre
Models – Lyrical Bizarre, Absinthe, Sungyoung Jang, Taylor Wassep

No copyright infringement intended. If there are any questions or concerns regarding production, please contact Absinthe at

Unfortunately, I am closed for client work indefinitely. 🙂

Hocus Pocus!

Hocus Pocus!

Hocus Pocus a sharp smallf

Bippity Boppity Boo!


Hocus Pocus sharp small

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Natsya by LaViere
Make-up: La Malvada Mujer
Earrings: Coven by Lagyo (C88)
Dress & Coat: Occult by Ison (C88)
Boots: Byzanthium Suede by Maitreya
Frog: Mr.Toad by Birdy (Arcade)
Bird: Wearable Crwos by DC

Taylor’s Style:
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Gloster
Eye makeup: Glam Affair – Marta Eye Makeup
Lipstick: Kooqla
Jacket: Pixicat – Bastet Jacket [The Arcade Gacha Event] Top + skirt: Pixicat – Dusk [Collabor88] Necklacehair | Tableau Vivant – Gloster
Eye makeup: C L A Vv – Gold Rosario
Bracelet: EPQOUE – Variant Cuff
Wand: The Wandery – Basic Wand [Closed]

Table: The Odyssey by Ispachi
Crystal Ball: Maleficient by Allure
Crown: Midas by Remarkable Oblivion
Candles on table: Tray Candle by Cheaky Pea
Bottles: Textured bottles by oppilas aie
Candles on chair: Plaster by Apple Fall
Cauldron –  Hocus Pocus Cauldron by Birdy
Cat: Bastet by Pixicat
Crystals: Crystal Clutter by Moxie Polano
Chair 1: Hawthorn Dining by DIGS
Chair 2: Newcrombe Industrial by The Loft
Doilie: White doillie by Luana Dawg
Skulls on floor: cranepile1 by Medieval Fantasty
Fireplace: Clifton Cast Iron by Apple Fall (modified)
Mirror: Liquid Mirror Escape by LISP
Candles on floor: Cluster of candles by Twistia Twine
Spell Book: Sibylline Magic Spell Book by Autumn Dreams
Small Table2: Book table 2 by Mesworx (<3)
Broom: Swiftwind by Fateplay
Webs: Spider Webs by Catwise Yoshikawa
Books: Row of books by Dutchie
Pumpkin: Dark Pumpkin with butterflies by Dop Kidd
Beads: Hanging beads summer by Ziganas
Pentagon:  Mes Pentacle by x3x elaborates
Broom: Marquette Broom by Post
Birdcage: Garden Party birdcage by CP & Pilot
Chandelier: Gray’s Virginia by Cheaky Pea
Book Shelf: Imaginarium Librarium by Lark

Solidea Folies: Alexis

Solidea Folies: Alexis

Mila is one of my best friends in SL and I just have to keep tooting her horn. She’s created a pre-fall collection that will be released in her mainstore soon! I’m so excited for her and her mesh adventure, as she gains confidence and creates her beautiful visions.

And, she named this dress after my RL name, which is a huge honor. To me, it means that I am just not Absinthe, this character, but Alexis.. her friend.

Alexis small

Absinthe’s Style:
Hat & Dress: Alexis by Solidea Folies (Coming soon to main store!)
Earrings: Opaque Cabochon Drop by Tracei
Pose: Slouch (closed)

Absinthe’s other half…

Absinthe’s other half…

Hi 🙂

I’ve always had an alt, but I’ve rarely gotten on her. Like most alts, they lack the beloved 150K inventory that has almost everything to make the oddest of outfits pleasurable to me. But, because I am an idiot (to put it frankly and I won’t go into details), my account was put on administrative hold. The person I have been working with  at Linden Labs is COMPLETELY NICE and Linden Labs is doing their job (a great job at that!). However… I didn’t realize how badly I’d miss my Absi doll. My big nose, big eared, big eyed barbie.

So with some prompting from Mila Tatham, I got on my alt! And I dressed her up and here she is.  I think I will use her more often. It’s a bit refreshing to work with a new face and different features. Yes, I have less to work with over here, but perhaps that can be the beauty of it. I hope you appreciate her as much as my other canvas.


absi2 red

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Girl-33 by Dura
Necklace: 24-karot Gold Leaf by Tracei
Dress:Guenda dress by h.m.a.e.m
Make-up: Kooqla
Avatar: My alt <3
Pose: Slouch