What SL Means To Me

When I first saw this campaign I thought to myself, “I don’t have time to do that. Why would I bother? Nobody cares about what I think, really…” But, I think that the more people started to make their videos and the more that I watched them, I felt more compelled to participate. And as I started going through the process of creating sifting through the outfits, finding a sim (thank you Nic), and then figuring out all the details of the poses, lighting, angels, this project slowly became more personal. It became something that I started to care about and spent quite a few hours making.

And then ultimately, in the end, I think that this really is what Second Life means to me. The hardest part was trying to verbalize how I felt. So, I sat in the dark and spoke for 4 minutes. lol. And that was that. First take. No corrections, or .. retakes.

Before I knew it, this little 3 minute bit has become a diary, a visual representation of how I view Second Life, and is very important to me. So I’ve sat on it for more than 24 hours, because something I wanted nothing to be apart of has suddenly become personal like a layer of my skin.

I hope that the people who come across my little video can find a love, and passion in Second Life the way I have. An enhancement to your real life, and those friendships that will never leave you. <3 Credits: ||What Second Life Means to Me by Absinthe (sinontherocks) ||Contribution to Second Life's 12th Birthday: http://bit.ly/1BIYusf || Visit www.secondlife.com 🙂 || More About Absinthe: www.absinthe-sinontherocks.com ||Music: The Rift by Direct ||Sim & Setting: Lux Sur Mer by NicBor Resident || Musings: I'm a bit shy about this and hope people like it 🙂 If there are any concerns regarding the content of this video, please e-mail me at absinthe.on.sl@gmail.com for civil and professional resolutions.